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Annapolis, meet Andy Wolf!

At Annapolis Opticians, we are passionate about glasses made by hand. You probably already know that we make each pair of glasses in house, but we also hand-picked every single frame in the store, and we love finding independent brands who make each frame by hand, too!

We were super excited to bring in a few dozen frames from Andy Wolf in April of 2016, and more than a year later, we are still madly in love with this collection. Each frame is handmade in Hartberg, Austria, with the exception of their new metal frames and rimless frames which are handmade in Jura, France. Andy Wolf combines avant-garde shapes and colors with thoughtful, flattering design. When we first saw the line, we were worried that the frames were so unique and so fun that they would look too eccentric when you put them on, but we are consistently delighted with how great they look on everyone who tries them out. We suppose that's one of the benefits of Andy Wolf's designers' expertise! One of our favorite things about Andy Wolf is the collection's ability to effortlessly switch between timeless classics and bold, statement pieces.

The brand was founded by three friends (Andreas, Wolfgang, and Katharina) who are every bit as obsessive about attention to detail and excellent craftsmanship as we are while still keeping a sense of playfulness. We've done some fun collaborations with Andy Wolf, like taking over their Instagram and a sunglasses giveaway. Not only can we make you the best pair of glasses you've ever had, but with an Andy Wolf frame you never have to worry about being boring--and since we are the exclusive Andy Wolf retailer in the state of Maryland, you won't run into someone at Trader Joe's wearing the same glasses as you. Their sunglasses are even limited edition and numbered on the inner temple!

And above all, it's really nice to know exactly who made your glasses, from design and prototypes to cutting and polishing lenses. There's nothing careless or trite about these beauties. Stop by the store any time and find a pair you adore!

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