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Hello, New York!

Last weekend, we visited New York for International Vision Expo East! We drank champagne with our friends from Lafont, gin and tonics with black pepper (we're told it's the Austrian way) with the crew from Andy Wolf, stuffed our faces, enjoyed the beautiful weather in Chelsea strolling along the High Line, checked out photos of us on display in an exhibit about independent optical shops, and selected several dozen new frames for the store.

Over the coming weeks, we'll be adding new frames from Lafont, Andy Wolf, Kala, OWP, and RVS Eyewear to the shop. We hope you'll stop by to try them on! Due to the aforementioned champagne and gin and tonics, we might have picked out a couple more frames than originally planned, but when they're all so well-made and unique, it's awfully hard to exercise restraint.

Here, our beautiful friend Karey is modeling a special anniversary edition pair of sunglasses from Lafont. Only a few hundred of this frame exist in the entire world, each one lovingly made by hand in France.

We are excited to be back in Annapolis with fresh, new styles to show you. Stop by anytime to check out our new glasses--we'd love to see you!

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