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3 Tips For Winter Eye Care

It's safe to say winter is here. Annapolis has seen its first snow of the season and somehow we've all survived this past week's arctic blast. In addition to staying warm and cozy, we want to offer three quick tips to help you keep your eyes in tip-top shape during the cold weather months!

1) Keep your eyes moist

The cold literally sucks the life out of you. When temperatures drop and we crank up the heat, our bodies becomes more dehydrated — often noticeable with our skin and eyes. Humidifiers can keep your home, work space and other indoor areas less dry and your eyes much happier, as well as keeping the skin in contact with your nose pads less irritated. Eye drops can also help. However, not all drops are created equal. Our board-certified trained Optometrist can help you decide which drops are best for your eyes.

2) Skip the contacts

Sure, we may be a little biased, but it's for a good reason! Contacts may seem more convenient by limiting those awkward moments of having to defog your lenses upon entering a building, but eyeglasses help protect your eyes from cold winds. Plus, contacts can dry out your eyes that are already struggling to keep in moisture during the cold/dry months.

3) Wear your summer shades

Think your sunglasses are only useful in the summertime? Think again! When the sun finally decides to peak through the dreary winter clouds, polarized sunglasses that have UV protection help shield your eyes from the sun's reflection in the snow, so you can see clearer. We have plenty of trusted brands and beautiful frames available in store to keep your eyes safe and stylish.

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